Jellybean Johnson

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Many know Jellybean Johnson from the all-star funk band, The Time. However, that’s just one story of success in a lifetime in the music industry.

A Musicians Life

At the age of 13 Jellybean’s mom bought him his first drum set and soon after he started playing guitar when he was 15. It was at that age that he joined a band called Flyte Time. After becoming a long time member of The Time and the Fame of Purple Rain ” Bean ” has also been in The Family which is now fDeluxe, ( another Prince project ). Today, while staying busy touring with Morris Day and The Time and fDeluxe he also has a band by the name of The Jellybean Johnson Experience which is soon to release its first album. A drummer, guitarist, songwriter, producer and musician Jellybean can do it all.

Jellybean the Producer

The story above would be any musicians dream but this legend has more fame to claim! After the Purple Rain era he joined forces with Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis which led to 5 top 10 hits with Flyte Time. One of these hits he  produced was Janet Jackson’s Black Cat which reached number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Bean had become in-demand as a session guitarist (and drummer/percussionist) for Janet Jackson, Alexander O’Neal , New Edition , and many others. He also co-produced Mint Condition‘s debut LP.

Between touring and the new Jellybean Johnson Experience release, 2018 is sure to be an exciting year for music lovers. Keep your eyes open and ears ready for some rock and funk from this musical Icon!

Put Some Jelly On It!

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The Jellybean Johnson Experience CD

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