Inspired by the life of Prince I started a Podcast called Love4oneanother. It first started as a place to talk about what Prince meant to people and how his music played a  part in peoples lives but, slowly grew into a fun positive place that people come to talk about ways to help people in the spirit of Prince. Along with doing a Facebook live feed friends from around the world come together and talk about life experience, personal problems, music, current affairs and ways to help people in need.  

Stop Looking For Recognition and Help People

A strong message Prince left for us to achieve. In today’s world we get caught up in judging others or a persons worth by what items they posses instead of just helping someone in need. It’s time for a change.  


Come join the conversation

The Love4oneanother show will be broadcast at 9 pm every Tuesday night  here on iHeartRadio, iTunes or listen on Real Music Radio for live broadcast.