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Congratulations to Brenda Bennett

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The Uptown Minneapolis Music Scene Tuesday’s @ 7pm

Love4oneanother Tuesday’s @ 8pm

The Pink Slip Thursday’s @ 8pm


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Working together 4 a better future

Real music Radio & Hopewell Music Cooperative North

Community EMPOWERMENT Through Music

Hopewell was created to inspire North Minneapolis students to grow, discover,
and express themselves through music. Our mission is to help students achieve their
full potential in music and life through high-quality music instruction
​and a community that is lasting and engaged.

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John L. Nelson


Jedi Nation DETROIT


Real music Radio is proud to announce the addition of Jill Monroe’s, The Pink Slip.

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The Uptown Minneapolis Music Scene

Master Class

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Aussie Silkscreen

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Straight From Vinyl

Some of the best sounding music came straight off vinyl. With the creation of compact disc the LP slowly got phased out. The first impression was that music would sound better than on LP. But, as time would reveal the LP still had the best quality in sound. cr=w 538,h 269Although in recent days the LP has made a comeback. With that being said the prices have also gone back up. Get them before the good old label over prices the quality. 

Music Industry

The music industry has changed over the years and artist are taking their music back. Good music is good music and should be heard alongside industry greats. With the cr=w 538,h 269majority of the radio stations being owned by the record labels  it’s almost impossible for an Indie artist to get their music played. We hope to change that here at Real Music Radio.


What is Musicology? Ever ask yourself what happened to music when you hear a song on a radio station ? Well Musicology is real music played by real musicians playing on real instruments, singing without the aid of a computer or rapping without punching in every other word or phrase. Learn from true artist of the past and those with real talent today.