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Real music Radio is honored to have Kandy Apple Redd as our September Artist of the Month!



Tonysha Nelson and Patavian Lewis are better recognized as Kandy Apple Redd. They’re multi-dimensional international performers who are gaining fans across the globe, in fact, in the past eighteen months, KAR has performed more than two hundred concerts in over seventeen countries as part of P-Funk under the direction of their legendary Grandfather, George Clinton. Kandy Apple Redd’s international flair comes naturally. Tonysha was born and raised for a time north of the border in Scarborough, a suburb of Toronto and spent her formative and teen years in the DC/Maryland area.  Patavian was born in Los Angeles and spent her youth on the family farm in Brooklyn, MI.  Spending summers together on the farm, with Tonysha and eventually moving to Maryland, they solidified their bond as sisters living a fairly typical childhood. In fact, it wasn’t until later in life did they truly understand the cultural significance of their legendary clan while traveling the world and seeing the fans clamoring for more.



As part of the Clinton Dynasty, one knows these ladies have been singing since childhood and are not the pre-fab studio confection of many of today’s pop stars. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.  For Kandy Apple Redd, being granddaughters of Dr. Funkenstein means standing in prodigious shoes which cannot be easily filled. So, rather than attempt to mimic their elders, KAR are creating their own lane. Their forthcoming debut EP “KAR’s Comin’ ” is a gumbo of sound, containing influences of  R&B, Hip Hop, Neo-Soul, Jazz, Black Rock and of course PFUNK. While proudly flaunting the Clinton name on Instagram and Facebook as #DemClintonGirls, Kandy Apple Redd still strive to cultivate a unique and diverse sound true to their musical DNA.





We want to be a positive influence on our generation and make music that restores confidence, love, and good vibes.”

“Kandy Apple Redd stands for Individuality. We want people from different races and backgrounds to be inspired by us.”

Kandy Apple Redd’s lead single “This Club” is a true Clinton family affair. The high energy club banger features the production imprint of their talented cousin (and brother) Tra’zae Lewis Clinton, himself annointed by the man they all lovingly call “G”. On “This Club” the ladies come hard, rocking the mic singing, chanting, and seducing the listener into submission. “This Club” is a sort of musical “Declaration of independence” proudly proclaiming “this ain’t what you used to!”. From the first downbeat to it’s off kilter melody, “This Club” is ready for dance floors the world over.


Like many young women of today, Tonysha and Patavian are both working moms; but instead of taking up office jobs, Tonysha and Patavian are road warriors taking their show on the road. The challenges of balancing a career in entertainment and motherhood can be daunting. Between juggling school lunches and PTA meetings, along with vocal rehearsals, studio sessions, and the stage, Kandy Apple Redd passionately tackle both realms. It’s something they do with grace and aplomb, heck – It’s what black women have done for generations. Especially when the mission is more.

So…from Toronto to the DMV and from New York to London, get ready for more cause “KAR’s Comin”



This Club

“A must add to your music library”

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10 Questions with Kandy Apple Redd

1. Tell me a little about your latest release “ This Club “ and how that funky groove came to be.

“ This Club” was written and produced by Patavian’s brother and Tonysha’s cousin Tra’zae Lewis Clinton. When this song was written we were at our manager/cousins house and basically we were having a writing session, and a few songs were created that night. “This Club” stood out because it’s fun, sexy, and definitely for the ladies! People have told us it reminds them of “Nasty Girl” by Vanity 6 and that was a huge compliment. We hope our song lives for ever! 

2. What is the song writing process between the two of you?  Does one person write the lyrics and the other create the groove or is it done together?

The groove is normally brought to us or created while we’re in the studio. The writing process is pretty simple. We typically come up with a melody and a topic and it’s starts from there . 

3. Are songs easily agreed on or has there ever been any “ friendly “ disputes on song creation?

We agree for the most part on a song. Sometimes we have different opinions on phrasing or tracks but we’re pretty good at aligning ourselves. 

4. Coming from the Clinton Dynasty, has it been difficult creating your own sound?

Yes and no. Yes because producers and writers want us to be funky so bad and there’ll come with a kind of dated sound because they want to mimic what our Dynasty is known for . No because Parliament and Funkadelic have so many sounds. Our grandfather is open to music and if you go back to the catalog you’ll get a dose of everythang. 

5. Now let’s get into “ KAR’s Comin’ “! What can the fan’s expect and will there be any special appearances on this album?  

They can expect a well rounded album. It shows off our vocal abilities and our personalities. We’ve worked extremely hard on this project and we know people will enjoy it. There be some special appearances but you gotta wait and see! 

6. I’ve watched some of your live performances and the stage presence between both of you looks natural, like you have shared the stage for many years. Tell us a little about how much work goes into Kandy Apple Redd’s performance.

We’re very big on stage presence , but to be honest a lot of our chemistry comes natural. We’re lucking enough to watch our grandfather demand the stage every night, so we’ve learned a lot from that. Also we both took theatre and music in school so we’ve both had our lessons on bringing the audience to life. 

7. Something that stands out for me is the amazing harmonies that is created between the two of you. Please explain to the music fans out there how important harmonies are in the “ Real music world “ and how much work goes into being able to hit those notes in a live performance.

A lot of times harmonies bring a song to life it adds an inflection. Since we’re cousins our voices have a natural blend. Patavian is a great harmonizer and she has an ear for where to place them. To perfect your craft you have to practice. Singing is much more than having a nice voice, it’s your instrument so you have to keep it polished. 

8. How do you see Kandy Apple Redd’s influence on today’s youth ?

We want to be a positive reinforcement to today’s youth. Encouraging our youth to be strong, courageous, determined, and most of all comfortable in their own skin. We want them to be confident in finding their own voices, and empowering them to use their voices for leadership and change for the future!!!

9. Describe yourselves in 3 artists ( besides yourselves )

Mary J. Blige, zhané, Monica

10. Favorite cartoon character and why?

Tonysha’s favorite cartoon character is: Pinky and the Brain because “They plan to take over the world, and so do we”.

Patavian’s favorite cartoon character: Daffy Duck because he has a smart mouth, he’s rude and sarcastic as hell. He’s hilarious!!!!!

Real music Radio would like to personally thank Kandy Apple Redd for being part of the RmR Family