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Lyle Caine



Lyle Caine

Born and bred in L.A.’s sun-soaked San Fernando Valley, Lyle Caine always had entertainment in his veins. Son of the renowned actor, the late Howard Caine, who played ‘Major Hochstetter’ on Hogan’s Heroes, he spent his formative years listening to Little Feat, Steely Dan, and Jimi Hendrix among others. After spending years playing with such Los Angeles acts as The Path, Face Down, and Soul 7 he eventually hooked up with producer Curt Bauerly (Visceral Nifty) and developed a sound all his own. Released in 2021, his albums Evanzen Ethereal Blues Continuum and Thinking Outside the Bollocks skillfully conflate his classic rock influences with an unmistakable New Orleans second-line groove.



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10 Questions

1. Thank you for joining us and being a part of the “Real Music Radio” Family, it’s an honor to have you as our “Artist of the Month” for May. You’ve been waiting to release your music for a long time, how does it feel now to finally get it out there?

It has been extremely gratifying. It was something I felt compelled to do no matter the outcome. If only for myself it compelled me to make it happen and the circumstances were finally right to do it to my satisfaction.

2. How do you work as an artist? Lyrics first? Music? A little of both?

I don’t have a set method. When I was younger, I would have lyrics and musical ideas and I would marry them to one another. More recently, I prefer everything to be fresh… write some music then write a lyric to the music, or write a lyric I am taken with and write music to the words because it’s something I really want to say.

3. What’s your favorite song on “Evanzen Ethereal Blues Continuum” and why?

Today I am going to say, Finding My Way. Tomorrow it might be The Ride. See what I did there? In both cases because they convey a profound message that is relatable. I give a lot of thought and attention to turning a phrase. I prefer saying something meaningful in my lyrics.

4. What’s your favorite song on “Thinking outside the Bollocks” and why?

Sounds Of Yesterday is a good one, and I’m awfully proud of ‘The Place Where We Belong’.  I like the storytelling.

 5. You are teaching Musicology 101 at a local university, what are some of the albums you would require the class to listen to?

So many in a variety of styles: Miles Davis – Kind Of Blue, John Coltrane – A Love Supreme, Bob Marley Live, Prince – Musicology (I mean it is Musicology 101 after all), Genesis – The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway, Curtis Mayfield – Superfly, Derek & The Dominos – Layla & Other Love Songs, Steely Dan – Royal Scam, Little Feat – The Last Record Album

6. Describe yourself in 3 musicians (not including yourself)

All wishful thinking on my part… Jimi Hendrix, Jeff Beck, Lowell George of Little Feat.

7. What band or artist do you listen to that might surprise people?

Not sure this counts but Queen, Thin Lizzy, Be Bop Deluxe. I also like Billie Eilish.

8.  What are some of your hobbies outside of music?

Reading, writing, bicycling, and oddly enough collecting pocket knives.

9. When you have a day just for yourself, what are some of your “go to” movies or albums that you enjoy?

I love Kurosawa movies, foreign films, old black and white movies, and I’m a documentary junkie. I move through music very quickly. Always on the look out for something new and interesting or something that might have slipped through the cracks. Presently, I am very impressed with Marcus King.

10. What is your favorite cartoon character and why?

Bugs Bunny because he is clever and funny and gets away with so much, and with a few possible exceptions no one has made me laugh harder.


Thanks again Lyle Caine, we look forward to watching your career unfold and RmR is here whenever you need us.