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“We were absolutely BLOWN AWAY by @livwarfield today! Can’t wait to check out her debut album in January!” – VH1, VH1 Soul

“@livwarfield 1.28.14 – The Unexpected – Are you ready?” – PRINCE



Liv Warfield Bio

A former track star and gymnast, Peoria, Illinois-born Liv Warfield began building her legend, in
of all places, Portland, Oregon. Despite having no formal background in singing, she gained the
respect of local superstars and became an icon in her own right.
While she takes cues from musical influences like Nina Simone, Etta James, Sade, Tina Turner,
and Mary J. Blige, Warfield has carved out a style all her own, which can best be described as
“alternative soul with a lil bit of Rock ‘n’ Roll.” In 2006, she self-released her debut album
“Embrace Me.” By 2009, she caught the eye of the one-and-only Prince and ultimately joined his
group the “New Power Generation.”
After touring for several years and soaking up as much knowledge as she could from the
ultimate music mentor, Warfield made her big splash on the national scene in 2014, first as a
featured artist for Vh1’s “You Oughta Know” campaign, and then with the release of her major
label debut album “The Unexpected,” which was executive produced by Prince. What followed
were show-stopping performances on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,” “The Late
Show with David Letterman,” and “The Arsenio Hall Show;” a 2014 Soul Train Music Award and
nominations for two others; a BET Best New Artist Award nomination; an interview with National
Public Radio; and high-profile cosigns from Lionel Richie, Cyndi Lauper, and Nancy Wilson of
HEART. That same year, Warfield’s performance closing out Essence Fest was hailed as one of
the most memorable after shows at the New Orleans House of Blues. In 2015, the accolades
only kept growing, with Warfield and the NPG Hornz being named one of the top 10 bands to
see at the Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland. It’s no wonder she has left celebrities like
Letterman declaring it’s time to “cancel show business!”

In 2017, Warfield began the next phase of her ascension, collaborating with another one of her
childhood influences, the aforementioned Nancy Wilson, to create the band Roadcase Royale.
Their lead single “Get Loud” was featured prominently in the 2017 Women’s March and they
released their debut album “First Things First” later that year. If that weren’t enough, their
remake of HEART’s “These Dreams” was featured in the film “Molly’s Game,” which starred
Idris Elba, Jessica Chastain, and Kevin Costner and was released in November 2017. Warfield
recently recorded music for the HBO documentary Da Bronx. She is currently working on her
third album, the first single “Mantra,” can be seen and heard as a part of American Airlines’ in-
flight entertainment.


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ACHIEVEMENTS:« NAACP Image Award Nominee / Outstanding New Artist / 2015« Soul Train Award Winner / Best Contemporary Jazz Performance “Stay-Soul Lifted” / 2014« Three time Soul Train Award Nominee / 2014 (Best Contemporary Jazz Performance /Best Independent R&B/Soul Performance / Best New Artist)« Currently performing with Prince & New Power Generation (Since 2009)« Wrote “LiVe out Loud” produced by Prince and performed by 3rdEyeGirl / 2013« Winner / Best NEW Independent artist / BET J / 2008« Winner / Best New Artist / Soultrack Awards / 2008« First single “I Decided” Landed #72 on Billboard Top 100 / 2008« Featured on BET J’s “Timeless” / 2008


“LiV Warfield’s voice is a force of nature. She sings with power, emotion and verve! LiV makes you feel every lyric and note in your core when she exudes her sexy, seductive and sensitive songs.” – Emil Wilbekin, ESSENCE

“LiV Warfield’s “The Unexpected” is a riveting ride that shatters stylistic boundaries. Prince’s latest protege has monster pipes and a masterful command of song. Make no mistake, she’s a major star on the rise.” – Jon Regen, KEYBOARD


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“Gutsy, soulful, full of fire and funk! Liv Warfield is my new favorite! Liv is a breath of fresh air. Old school funk with attitude. Prince knows how to pick ‘em!”- Scott Thompson, WPKN


“Oh my God. Thats unbelievable! Honestly, there’s nothing else, cancel showbusiness! It’s over! This is it! This is all you want!!”- David Letterman, Late Show with David Letterman




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“That is the way to do it!! On fire!!” – Jimmy Fallon, The Late Show with Jimmy Fallon


“Liv Warfield…holy crap! Unreal…You’ve never seen another woman do this… A voice that you can’t imagine.”- Rosie O’Donnell, The View

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Get to know Liv

1. You’re preparing for your 2020 tour called “All or Nothing”. What should we expect
from you on this tour?
A very new LIV. My energy is different this time around because I put all of my love and time
into this to get it right. I’ve grown so much. I want people to be free and my shows. Dance,
shout, cry… all of it!
2. You’re currently performing in Teatro Zinzanni, a nationwide circus dinner theater.
How did this come about?
A beautiful amazing woman by the name of Susan Silver (former manager of Alice and Chains)
who came to one of my shows told me about this dinner theater experience… I was skeptical at
first but when I went to watch it myself I was sold. I was drawn in by the world of circus because
I was an elite gymnast many moons ago but also theater. I’ve always wanted to try theater and
she introduced me to the Director Norm Langill, we clicked instantly.
He said,” We’d love for you to play Madame Zinzanni!” When I found out who had the roles
before me I was floored… Sarah Dash (Labelle), Thelma Houston, Melba Moore, Ann Wilson. I
felt honored to be a part of a long list of amazing women. So I was instantly on board!
3. The music video for the song Mantra is moving and powerful. What inspired you to
write it?
I was going through a lot in the past 5 years. I was very lost, insecure and burdened down with
industry woes… but I’m a fighter. I knew I had to keep placing one foot in front of the other. If I
had to crawl I was gonna do that. I was determined to keep myself busy because I was
absolutely done with the music industry but that was the problem – I was doing this all wrong – I
was making music for the industry.. not for others or myself.
I believe if it’s pure it will shine through. Mantra was pure. It was the pain the struggle of fighting
the good fight. There is life, there is sunshine on the way keep going. I needed to keep going.
As beautiful as our race is.. people of color know exactly what it means to keep pushing
4. What the biggest lesson working with Prince taught you?
He gave me many lessons…but the one thing I’ve truly learned is to own your music. Own your
work and push the boundaries of yourself. You’ve got to get uncomfortable sometimes.
5. What does a " Liv's Day Off " look like?
Omg, Netflix and chill or bother my team about performing at another venue. Bless them… I’m
constantly trying to plan for the future.
6. What advice can you give a new artist trying to make it in the music business?
Be prepared to work hard. Stay creative and authenticity always wins…if people don’t
understand you it’s ok. Go where the love is.
7. You collaborated with Heart’s Nancy Wilson to create Roadcase Royale. What’s it like
working with one of your childhood influences?
It’s really quite a trip. I used to listen to Heart while warming up at gymnastics practice and here
I am starting a band with a legend. It’s crazy! Nancy is so sweet and I really have fun with that
band. We work really well together. I look forward to doing some more shows with her!
8. You have an amazing voice and such powerful vocals! Is this something that came
natural or was it something that grew over time and with training?
Thank you! I think it was always there. Over the years I’ve been learning how to control it better.
I used to just do some shows and power my way through the whole set but I’ve learned to tell a
story with my voice now. Tone, diction, inflection is everything. That’s why I love Tina Turner so
9. Who do you have in your playlist right now?
Raphael Saddiq, Alabama Shakes, BJ Chicago Kid, Grace Jones, Koffee,Tweet, Tina Turner,
Alicia Myers, Staples Singers, D’angelo, Ledisi, Donna Grantis, Kamasi Washington.
10. What would you say to 10 year old Liv Warfield as she’s trying to find her path?
Libby, you are beautiful. Stop caring so much about what people think of you. You are a child of
God and no man or woman can take the gift he placed upon you away. Be bold in all your
Again we would like to thank you for being our March Artist of the Month!