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Real music Radio is honored to have Lisa Coleman as our May Artist of the Month!

Lisa Colman


Lisa, Daughter of L.A. session vibraharpist/percussionist Gary Coleman is an Emmy® Award winning composer. She is one half of the musical duo Wendy & Lisa. At 19, Lisa started her career in one of the most successful rock bands of the 80s, Prince & the Revolution. Lisa makes records with Wendy. Plays on other peoples songs, writes lots of music for film and TV, and still has the time to create music of her very own.

She is a composer, known for Heroes (2006), Nurse Jackie (2009) and Dangerous Minds (1995).




Lisa Coleman was born on August 17, 1960 in Los Angeles, California, USA. Was in a band named Waldorf Salad which was signed to A&M Records in 1971 with her best friend and actress Mackenzie Phillips. Mackenzie had to leave the band because she got a part in American Graffiti and subsequently did not appear on the album.

She also appeared in the Linda Blair movie “Sarah T. – Portrait of a Teenage Alcoholic” as the piano player in the talent show that Sarah tries out for.









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10 Questions with Dj Jedi

  1.  First of all, thank you for joining the Real Music Radio family! It’s truly an honor to feature you as the Artist of the Month for May 2019. You and I have talked a few times over the past couple of years ago about these pieces of music you had never released and now we get “Collage” tell us about how it all came together.

To be perfectly honest , I have always kept a folder of piano music and whatever little cues we write and sometimes not use them. I’ve always done piano improvs, and I’ve thought about putting them out for a long time. Well, then our PR people, MADINK, lined up an interview for a pretty cool OTHER radio show……that shall remain nameless… and the show asked if we had any new music coming out that they could play during our interview. I couldn’t say no! I just felt this bubbling inside and I said, ’’ YES! I’ll Bring a couple tracks with me to the interview!’ ‘ and I quickly went to my piano folders and starting picking out pieces. I called my friend, Josh Boardman, and asked if he could master the tracks and make sure they sound as good as they can, and he was right there for me!

Then I told Renata, my wife, because …. You know…. She is my wife, AND she is sort of a computer genius and music manager in her spare time…. And she whipped up the whole package using drawings, and collages from my endless pile of notebooks!  The radio interview was cancelled at the last minute do to an emergency of some sort, and there I was left with a whole album ready to go! So… LETS GO!!! My fantasy was a bluff called by a twist of fate!

Don’t EVER call my Bluff! HA!

2.   You’ve obviously had the spotlight on you in a big way being part of “Prince and the Revolution and then as part of the dynamic duo of “Wendy and Lisa” but this time it’s “Lisa Coleman”. Is that scary even for musical royalty like yourself and what has the response been from people about “Collage”?

YES IT IS SCARY! It’s reeeeeeeally scary! It’s so private! It’s just me, and its me being as open as I can be to the thing I love most in this life. Music. Having played the piano since before I could spell…. I think of it as a language that bypasses a lot of processing by the brain, but instead fills the brain, soothes the brain, and allows the brain to communicate without words. Music brings us together and promotes literal harmony on earth! So, I am like a child here with my songs of the heart and a naive desire to share my discoveries with the other kids. It feels like love and that’s scary because one tends to want to be loved back! I have to forget that part of it or I’d never do anything! The hope is that someone else feels something when they listen, and can spend some time with their feelings. Maybe we can learn something. Maybe we can heal pain. Maybe we can just expand the collective unconscious to include a little bit more love and understanding. OR…. Maybe its just nice to have a record to put on that is there just to hang out in the room a while.

p.s.…. I love the security of playing with the revolution! Its just nerve wracking being alone!

3.  Speaking of “The Revolution” and “Wendy and Lisa”, I know a lot of fans are wondering are we closer to another “Wendy and Lisa” album or a “Revolution” album? Can you give us any insight as to if we will get an album from either soon?

Hahaha…… YES!!! YES yes,,,,and yeah… I think so? Wendy and I are writing a lot right now and when there is something that we are ready to share with people….we WILL let you know! WE NEED YOU!

4.  Also speaking of the Revolution, the band received their  “Star” at 1st Avenue last week. What was that like for you considering your history in that city, that club and your maestro?

Getting our own star on the wall at First Avenue is a sentimental milestone that we are all extremely proud of.

That place is part of our personal histories. I remember when it was Uncle Sam’s and they did fashion shows and even had a ladies night with male ‘’chippendale’’ dancers! So I’ve witnessed the life of the place, and it’s been just amazing! Back before the place was repainted, there was a star that said Prince and the Revolution, and when they repainted, by that time, we had disbanded and Prince continued to frequent the place so much he had his own parking spot in the back. Anyway…. It is an honor.

5.  All of my kids, 25, 23, 19 and 16 have finally all seen “Purple Rain” over the past few months and all of them LOVED it. What in your opinion makes that film so timeless and relatable?

Its got to be the music! The music is just really good. ALL the music! The performances (MUSICAL) were authentic and bold, and told a classic story. Its got a few moments of not greatness…….but the band rivalry was so cool, and the pacing of the film is good. It’s an easy ride, and a lot of fun!

6.  What’s the next year looking like for you? What projects will you be working on? Touring? Relaxing?

The next year is looking a bit mysterious to be honest. We had a scoring gig, and that is done.  I’m looking for another scoring gig, and taking some interesting meetings. (Shhh…..follow me on twitter @girlbros and I’ll keep you posted)

Wendy and I  are writing. I put out this piano record and it has lead to some possible collaborations ….. the Revolution has a couple of odd gigs on the books, but we wanted to regroup. Take a little time off before we think about putting together another show that we can take on the road, or do some “special gigs”.  Other than that, I’m trying to be a good Mom, and make sure my daughter is happy, healthy, and LOVED (by ME!).

7.  Describe yourself in 3 musicians (besides yourself)?

Stevie Wonder, Joni Mitchell, Keith Jarrett.

8.  When you have a day to yourself to either listen to music or watch a movie, what are some of your “go to” films and albums?

One of my favorite things to do is to get a bunch of cookies and snacks, and watch the Planet of the Apes Movies!

The ORIGINALS! I don’t know what it is, but I love those movies and on a hot summer day when there’s nothing to do……… that is one of my favorite things to do!

With music it is so vast. I just listened to Chopin Piano Concerto no. 2 in F………… I used to listen to that over and over when I had nothing but a record player in my room. Seems like now that I have bluetooth and the cloud, cds, and iTunes, Listening to a favorite album doesn’t happen as often as it used to. But…. I loved Chopin…. Umm… Aerosmith “Rocks”,  Armadillo- Leo Kottke,  Slave to the Rhythm- Grace Jones, Here I Am- Dionne Warwick!!!!!!(LOVE)…Rolling Stones- beggars banquet. .   .      .       and of course….anything Joni .

9.  Since “Avenger’s: Endgame” was just released, who is your favorite “Avenger” and what super-power would you like to have?


I wish I could be like Superman and be faster than a locomotive, stop a bullet with my bare hands, leap tall buildings with a single bound! Its a bird! Its a plane! It’s …… Lisa Coleman!?  :^O

10.  Favorite Cartoon Character and why?

This is really hard ! when I was five…Mighty Mouse was the man I was going to marry. When I see him now…haha…. It explains a lot….ahem…. Those eyelashes!

I also love Bugs Bunny because he a part of our inner dialogue as HUMANS that I find hilarious.  He is clever, androgynous, sarcastic, and cute!

Oh! WHAT ABOUT TOTORO! Totoro is the coolest. Sleepy floating hero that plays the ocarina! I mean… come on!


Once again, thank you Lisa for taking the time hang with us at RmR, We appreciate you!

I  appreciate you more than you know, and more than I can express. I’ll play it on the piano and then you’ll know. Thank you so much for your support. We’re in this together, folks!




Real music Radio would like to thank Lisa Coleman for being our May Artist of the Month!