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Real music Radio is honored to have Melvin Riley as our November Artist of the Month!
Happy Birthday!
Melvin Riley

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Balladeer, songwriter, producer and musician, Melvin Riley will mark his success with a celebration around the world that will mark his era as a legend within the entertainment industry and being one of the most influential songwriters of our time for Multi-Platinum Ready For The World. Riley Co-founded the Flint, MI band in 1982. Melvin was honored when the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame requested personal memorabilia to be showcased in their artist showcase.






Melvin Riley, original Lead Singer of ‘Ready for the World’ is known for writing and bringing the house down with his sensual, smooth slow jams while delivering hooks on a slow song that fans will remember for generations to come. What the music industry and fans never knew is that Melvin wrote, produced and performed all vocals and instruments on hit songs such as “Love You Down”, “Gently”, “Can He Do It Like This”, “Who’s Is It” just to name a few. Riley produced, wrote and sang ‘Tonight’, ‘Slide Over’, ‘Deep Inside Your Love’, ‘Ceramic Girl’ , ‘Can He Do It Like This’, ‘My Girly’, just to name a few and take you down memory lane.



The year will not only be a celebration for Melvin Riley’s success, but the launch of the new show billing title Ready 4 The World “Featuring” Melvin Riley. It will mark the 35th Anniversary when Melvin wrote the catchy lyrics and music for “Oh Sheila”.

The new billing title will ensure promoters, agencies, buyers and the fans they are securing the Original Lead Singer Melvin Riley, and a full band playing all of the hits with live instruments.

Ready 4 The World “Featuring” Melvin Riley

The Official 35th Anniversary of the “Oh Sheila Love You Down Tour”

Bookings Now 678-369-3522

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10 Questions with Melvin Riley


1. You have been writing amazing songs for over 34 years, tell us a little about your writing process. Do the songs come to you naturally or does inspiration play a part in a songs creation?
I try to write from my heart so others can feel it.  I do love adding life experiences along the way


2. What are your thoughts on where music is today with technology? The ability to download the 99 cent song, auto-tune etc.
Technology allow the industry to move forward as the world moves LOL but sing just sing no enhancements on that .  99 cent songs have hurt the industry but opened the doors for artist that are not able to get that record deal.  


3. What is one of your best performance memories ? What moment do you look back on and think, ” Man that was a great time ” ?
Wow, I love all of my fans and shows so I just give them all of me to make them all be greats.  I just love to look back and see my fans reactions, the photos album covers they come with me to really keep me going for them.
4. Who do you currently have in your playlist?
 Silk, Morris Day, Aretha Franklin, Luther, Zapp, Marvin Gaye just to name a few


5. Tell us a little about “ Tattoo “, your new music and what should we expect to hear from Melvin Riley in the future?
Love songs man, something for the couples the ladies and just the image a beautiful tattoo is that woman not her body but her soul, her mind is a tattoo of the spirit.  I want to continue to bring real music from my soul and for my fans. I am true to them first.


6. What advice would you give to up and coming artist that are trying to get into the music industry.
Keep grinding and stay true to yourself. Research the business find yourself a good attorney and learn the business.  Do good clean business always
7. How did growing up in Flint Michigan shape you musically?
My family gave me a alot of love and my friends were there to support me along the way


8. Describe yourself in 3 musicians ( besides yourself )
Marvin Gaye, Prince and Michael Jackson


9. You represent what Real Music is about in writing, performing and singing, do you feel this is getting lost in today’s music or does it have the possibility of making a come back?
I feel it is making a comeback 


10. Favorite cartoon character and why?
Road Runner, he is fast and right behind you.  You can never out think him

Real music Radio would like to thank Melvin Riley for being our November Artist of the Month!