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Minneapolis and Saint Paul, Minnesota – also known as the Twin Cities, has its own unique sound board of music. The diverse tone of the TC sets itself apart from any other Midwestern city. From Funk, to Soul to Hip Hop, the Land of 10,000 Lakes has birthed many incredible talents including Prince, The Time, Mint Condition; to Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. It must be something in the water….

Insert Envy and Fancy, the Hip Hop and R&B duo known as iLLism. The pair stand to one day be among the most influential artists to come from the North Star state alongside their predecessors who left incredible legacies before them. The husband and wife duo are setting their own precedence when it comes to their sound, “Our Music. Our Rules.”

The pair has already captured nods from the house of Paisley Park (Prince’s famous royal domain) after having competed in the “Musicology Battle of the Bands” competition and placing in the top three out of the 150 bands who entered. Donna Grantis and guitar player of Prince’s assembled band 3rd Eye Girl, later applauded them on their incredible performance and “Killer arrangements.”

In the studio, iLLism demonstrates an incredible amount of talent. Their current discography includes two EPs (Definition of iLL A side and B Side), their debut full length album, “Love and Loyalty,” and their long awaited sophomore album “iLLuminate.” The duo describes iLLuminate as being a reflection of their personal and musical journeys. With songs like, Who You Lovin, Life, Bet and MNsota Nice the duo evoke passion and emotions that listeners all over the globe can connect with.

iLLism’s sound has always been musically robust. With the help of their live band as well as awarded producers, iLLuminate not only captures the Minneapolis sound made famous by Prince, they push it forward by adding their own originality. “This album is us in full music form. It’s our blood, sweat, tears and heartbeats. That’s how special it is,” the duo says. “It’s therapeutic. It’s a release. It’s a celebration. It’s everything hip-hop is supposed to be. We may be biased but we listen to it everyday.”


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Alex Rossi

Alex Rossi is known for his high-energy performance teasing the ears with a mash-up of blues and rock inspired guitar licks. He combines the soul of Motown, the lyrical play of Hip Hop, and the psychedelic rock of Jimi Hendrix, into an original sound that defies genres.
A true product of the Minneapolis Sound, Alex was born and raised in the Twin Cities of Minnesota. Although a nationally recognized songwriter, and accomplished guitar player, its his soulful vocals that people seem to identify with him the most.  He is also an original cast member and co-creator of the Rhythmic Circus, an award-winning musical production with Broadway and international acclaim.

He has shared the stage with notable artists including George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic, Chicago, Steve Miller Band, Johnny Lang, Eric Hutchinson, Jimmie Vaughan, Blues Traveler, The Funk Brothers, Susan Tedeschi, Los Lonely Boys, Trombone Shorty & New Orleans Ave and many others.  He has been honored to perform for the troops on multiple occasions, across the globe.  Recently featured on Dana White’s show ‘Looking for a Fight’


His discography includes 3 full-length albums, a live album, and an EP.  In August 2017, Alex Rossi released his new record “Echoes from the Arches”, produced by the industry respected John Fields.  The album is available on Itunes,, Spotify and more.
Join Alex Rossi and friends for these special performances. Guaranteed to inspire the funk within you. This will be the “After Party” you will not want to miss!
Superior” – NY Times
“A voice that makes you shiver”– Tracked
“Monster guitar player” – Fish Tank Sessions


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Melvin Riley


Balladeer, songwriter, producer and musician, Melvin Riley will mark his success with a celebration around the world that will mark his era as a legend within the entertainment industry and being one of the most influential songwriters of our time for Multi-Platinum Ready For The World. Riley Co-founded the Flint, MI band in 1982. Melvin was honored when the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame requested personal memorabilia to be showcased in their artist showcase.

Melvin Riley, original Lead Singer of ‘Ready for the World’ is known for writing and bringing the house down with his sensual, smooth slow jams while delivering hooks on a slow song that fans will remember for generations to come. What the music industry and fans never knew is that Melvin wrote, produced and performed all vocals and instruments on hit songs such as “Love You Down”, “Gently”, “Can He Do It Like This”, “Who’s Is It” just to name a few. Riley produced, wrote and sang ‘Tonight’, ‘Slide Over’, ‘Deep Inside Your Love’, ‘Ceramic Girl’ , ‘Can He Do It Like This’, ‘My Girly’, just to name a few and take you down memory lane.


The year will not only be a celebration for Melvin Riley’s success, but the launch of the new show billing title Ready 4 The World “Featuring” Melvin Riley. It will mark the 35th Anniversary when Melvin wrote the catchy lyrics and music for “Oh Sheila”.

The new billing title will ensure promoters, agencies, buyers and the fans they are securing the Original Lead Singer Melvin Riley, and a full band playing all of the hits with live instruments.

Ready 4 The World “Featuring” Melvin Riley

The Official 35th Anniversary of the “Oh Sheila Love You Down Tour”

Bookings Now 678-369-3522

“The Rain.” By Melvin Riley (Listen) on ITunes , Nov 10th

Posted by Melvin Riley on Wednesday, November 7, 2018

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Tonysha Nelson and Patavian Lewis are better recognized as Kandy Apple Redd. They’re multi-dimensional international performers who are gaining fans across the globe, in fact, in the past eighteen months, KAR has performed more than two hundred concerts in over seventeen countries as part of P-Funk under the direction of their legendary Grandfather, George Clinton. Kandy Apple Redd’s international flair comes naturally. Tonysha was born and raised for a time north of the border in Scarborough, a suburb of Toronto and spent her formative and teen years in the DC/Maryland area.  Patavian was born in Los Angeles and spent her youth on the family farm in Brooklyn, MI.  Spending summers together on the farm, with Tonysha and eventually moving to Maryland, they solidified their bond as sisters living a fairly typical childhood. In fact, it wasn’t until later in life did they truly understand the cultural significance of their legendary clan while traveling the world and seeing the fans clamoring for more.

As part of the Clinton Dynasty, one knows these ladies have been singing since childhood and are not the pre-fab studio confection of many of today’s pop stars. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.  For Kandy Apple Redd, being granddaughters of Dr. Funkenstein means standing in prodigious shoes which cannot be easily filled. So, rather than attempt to mimic their elders, KAR are creating their own lane. Their forthcoming debut EP “KAR’s Comin’ ” is a gumbo of sound, containing influences of  R&B, Hip Hop, Neo-Soul, Jazz, Black Rock and of course PFUNK. While proudly flaunting the Clinton name on Instagram and Facebook as #DemClintonGirls, Kandy Apple Redd still strive to cultivate a unique and diverse sound true to their musical DNA.


We want to be a positive influence on our generation and make music that restores confidence, love, and good vibes.”

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Azusena is a pop enigma and a creative polymath: feeding her imagination through bold, experimental pop hooks, and back through the accompanying visuals. Her first debut single, Crosby, combines the musical simplicity of Lykke Li or Zero 7 with a warm, cinematic vocal line reminiscent of Portishead’s Beth Gibbons or Cocteau Twins’ Elizabeth Fraser.

The 23 year old, who was born in New York is also a vast mix of British, Iranian, Native American, Black and Italian. She grew up between England and America and attributes the power of the mantra as the driving force behind much of her music. “My dad was on a spiritual journey to becoming a Yogi while I was growing up and shared a lot of meditational Indian music and enlightening books with me – over the course of the past four years I got into meditating and doing mantras in the morning.”  

Long notes drone throughout several of her tracks – drums carry with them a hypnotic beat – the power of the mantra is edifying throughout her music. Azusena takes a deep dive with her newest release “In The Water.” The video, directed by Nono Ayuso, is a visual paradise that has quickly gained traction and has exposed Azusena to a new market of international music fans.

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Mark Joseph

Mark Joseph is a Minnesota based musician who has played over #2500 shows in his 20+ year career in the US, Mexico and Japan. Mark is the founder of the Jam Funk outfit Down Lo and is a current band leader and founder of the Mark Joseph & The American Soul. Mark also plays guitar for legendary MN band The Big WU, and has been with the band since 2010. He is a producer, musical director and songwriter and has worked with countless artists from LA based MC Deploi to co-producing the Big Wu’s new album to jamming with Rock N Roll hall of fame inductee Robby Krieger from The Doors. With early influences of gospel and jazz, Mark has performed many different genes of music and continues to study and embrace new music and ideas, such as the 2016 release of “Back 2 Basics” an acoustic hip hop EP.

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Mark Joseph

PC Munoz

PC began his career in the early 90s as an R&B/Gospel drummer and indie producer, while teaching elementary school by day. In 1998 he launched a solo artist/label entrepreneur career, releasing his acclaimed debut solo disc, The Trouble I’d Bring You on his own label, Beevine Records.

Beevine also released 2002’s CMJ-charting A Good Deed in a Weary World, 2004’s Golden State mash-note California, and 2005’s Twenty Haiku. In 2005, PC delved further into production and artist development, co-founding the unique record label/private recording studio entity Talking House Productions with Seagate CEO Steve Luczo and 5 close music industry colleagues. The Talking House facility was later re-christened Studio Trilogy and hosted everyone from Bay Area emerging artists to pop mega-stars like Lady Gaga, T.I., and PC now works out of various studios in the Bay Area

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PC Munoz

Danny Kusz

Danny, a Minneapolis based saxophonist has carefully crafted and mastered a combination of Prince, The Minneapolis sound and David Sanborn into a truly unique sound that is instantly recognizable. Being named the hippest jazz cat by Minneapolis/St.Paul Magazine back in 2007 was no mistake! His energetic performance, unique style and one of a kind Pink inspired brand truly earn him that title.

His truly remarkable career has has earned him 2 Los Angeles music awards, multiple Minnesota Music Award nominations, a cover story on The Jazz In M.E.E. January 2016 issue, 3 solo albums and multiple top 10 charting songs.



Songs feat. The Hornheads, Jellybean Johnson, David Feily, The MPLS Horns and Valeriy Stepanov.

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Tracey Blake

Tracey Blake is a Minneapolis based writer/producer/artist who is committed to writing great music of multiple genres.

Born in the small city of Davenport, Iowa Tracey was handed his first instrument. At the age of 5 he now had a fender precision bass guitar. Within a year he had become a bass player in his dads gospel Quartet. After seeing that not only did he have a love for playing but he also listened to all styles of music so his parents began buying him various instruments which included keyboards, drums and guitars. It wasn’t till the age of 16 that Tracey realized that this is what he really wanted to do in his life

After finishing school he moved to Minneapolis or start a his career in music. Tracey has become a prolific songwriter and has had great success with getting various styles of music on TV shows. After sharing the stage with many national recording artists he has become known for his electrifying live performance.

Tracey Blake has made a commitment to keep the legacy of the Minneapolis Sound alive after the passing of his favorite artist, Prince. A rare talent, he can write many styles of music which will connect with your heart and soul. His ultimate goal is to use his gift to provide and assist foundations, support and provide services for cancer patients and their families. Tracey’s passion is to help create opportunities for under-privileged children to succeed academically, musically, and socially is beyond words.

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Vocalist, songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist. Best known as the lead singer and drummer for the Minnesota group Mint Condition, the Grammy nominated artist has traveled the world with such legendary artist as Whitney Houston, Janet Jackson, Alicia Keys and the one and only Prince.


In 2011 he earned a Grammy nomination for his work with Kelly Price on the song, ” Not My Daddy “. With TV performances, award shows and film scores Stokley has a list of collaborations dreams are made of. Jimmy Fallon, Conan O’ Brien,  Mariah Carey, Usher, Mary J. Blige, and Jill Scott just to name a few.

Find his 10 Questions with Dj Jedi on the Dj Jedi 10 Question page.

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Sananda Maitreya

Sananda Maitreya

Real music Radio’s February Artist of the Month. Artist, composer, arranger, producer, multi-instrumentalist, entrepreneur and Post Millennium Rocker.  

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Prometheus & Pandora

Sananda  plays all instruments and all songs are written, produced,  arranged,  performed and conceived by the artist, except Prometeus and Pandorawhere indicated.  

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