Advertisement Opportunities

Real music Radio offers some great advertisement opportunities for businesses that want to get the word out about their product or service. With a wide genre of music selected for this station we reach many different listeners. Here is a quick look at what we do here at RmR.

Real music Radio is a rapidly growing internet radio station. What are the benefits of internet radio ?

  • Variety of music played – We are not bound to one genre of music limiting the listener audience.
  • Content monitoring – While broadcasting live we control what we talk about or information we share.
  • Broadcast area limits – We are not limited to a certain area. We are worldwide.

Note – We cannot run a pre – recorded commercial

How have we grown?

In about a year and a half time we have grown to over 210 thousand listeners in the US alone. That’s not counting all the listeners around the world. We continue to spread to countries across the globe reaching markets that would not be reached by local marketing.

Not just Radio!

Broadcasting on the air is just one avenue we use for advertisements. However, we use many other forms of marketing that is reaching just as many people. Here are some examples;

  • Station merchandise and promotions – If you are a sponsor we put your name and logo on everything we have printed to promote the station. ( Sponsored by – Your business name ). This includes any new Media Walls, Banners, Flags, virtual flyers, handouts or cards.
  • Don’t have a logo? – We do all our own imaging and graphics. We will create a professional looking logo to match your business name per your request at no extra cost to you.
  • Billboards – We really want to make sure not only do we get our station name out there but we do the same for our sponsors! We use a digital billboard service that has locations all across the US. We create the image and maintain a high volume of display time. These billboards are off some of the busiest highways and freeways for maximum exposure. Refer to the images below for examples of billboards already being displayed.
  • Website – The Real music Radio website is a professional site that serves many uses. With over 1000 visits monthly you are sure to benefit. With sponsorship we will put your business¬† and logo on the home page with clickable links to your own website or we will make a separate page with content you supply. We can also display a video you have to promote your business with your advertisement.

If you have been shopping around to get advertising started or to expand your existing ads then you already know how much of an expense any of these can add to your budget. We have made a couple of affordable options.

  1. For full advertisement as mentioned above – $100.00 a month. Monthly installment options available.
  2. Live broadcast mention and info – $20.00 per day. Min. of 5 mentions during afternoon broadcast on day of payment.

We also offer cross advertisement options, ( Inquire for more info ) .

If interested in any of these options or if you have any questions please email us at